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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

After a Long Silence

Photo by Sarah Becker Photography from a wedding I did earlier last month.
So it's been a while since I've posted anything on here because things have just been so crazy busy. Wedding season has started for me, and I've been throwing myself into my business and focusing my working hours on my clients and my "off hours" on taking care of my husband and our home. It's been a good busy, but it's also made me realize that I need to get better at prioritizing. I've realized that sometimes "extra-curricular" things need to go out along with all of the extra clothes and miscellaneous items that I never use but allow to continue sitting around my home. I've recognized that blogging takes a lot of time and effort in order to be done well, and that I need to be giving my business and my business blog that attention instead of dividing it. I've recognized that as nice as it is to have a million different interests, that I'd rather do one thing really well and be proud of it than a whole bunch of things as well as can be managed. 

I still love this place, and I'm not sure if I'm saying goodbye forever or goodbye for now, but I do know that my season of life currently requires more focus on my business.

I will still be blogging, just not here. You can find me blogging away on my Paper Swallow Events blog (which you can follow on Bloglovin), instagramming (@paperswallowevents), and on my Paper Swallow Events Facebook page. I would love it if you all would pop in on those sites and follow me on this new journey, and am thankful for those of you who have been following me here.


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  1. Sometimes life takes turns and we just have to move with it! Focusing on you business is more important! Good luck!


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