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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Easy Refashion: Peplum Top

Hello lovelies! Man this week has been crazy! Michael and I took a long weekend this past weekend and went up to Nashville to see Wicked the Musical. (It was wonderful and I'll share more details on that soon.) Upon our return some unexpected situations occurred, but I also got asked to be the matron of honor for one of my besties. I am completely honored and thrilled!! (Though, I've gotta admit this whole being married thing is kinda cramping my style by making me a matron of honor instead of a maid of honor. I kid, I kid. ;) But maid totally sounds better... haha.)

ANYWAYS! I am in LOVE with this shirt that I am sharing today. With all of the spring cleaning Michael & I have been doing, I have come across a lot of clothes that I never wear. A lot of them are going to the thrift store, but some of them spoke to me and begged to be made into something new that would actually be worn.

The bottom half came from a top in a similar style to this one, and the top half was just a normal t-shirt. I cut the top off of the floral shirt which I never wore because the elastic had stretched out and it had ceased to fit comfortably. Then I figured out where I wanted the yellow to hit me and cut it off plus the seam allowance. For my first knit sewing project, this one was really easy!

I love peplum tops and this will be one that I will enjoy wearing all spring and summer long. It's so satisfying to be able to turn unused items into well-loved items!

How is your week going? Do you enjoy wardrobe refashions?



  1. It came out great. I love being able to reuse older items and loving them again.

  2. That's great -- love how it turned out! Refashioning things are so much fun. :D

  3. Aw it came out great! I like you in yellow, good color.


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