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Monday, March 24, 2014

Weekly Wishes #8

Hello friends! It's the start of another week with new goals and many new exciting things to anticipate! I'm excited about something I'll be sharing with you later (sneak peek outtake from the photo session above), and I'm even more excited about seeing Wicked this weekend with Michael. What are you excited about this week??

Last Week's Wishes

Edit all of the photos that I took this week. (I have lots and lots of project photos sitting on my camera.) I am now just trying to figure out when I want to post what! :)

Send off another letter to my sister. I didn't quite get to this one. I have a letter partially written and I just need to finish it.

Celebrate Michael's birthday. We had a great game night with some close friends and his family. He was surprised and there was a ton of laughter - I consider this wish highly successful!

Get together with one of my brides and check more things off of her wedding to do list. I mailed off all of her invitations and gathered a lot of helpful information for her!

Find a way to seal our windows to prevent the fleas that love the woods behind our apartment from squeezing through the cracks. We didn't end up sealing our windows this week. I gave Max a couple more bathes than normal (just soaking him in water and "letting" him sit there for a few minutes while I brush through his fur and get rid of fleas) and that seemed to really help. I still need to figure out about the windows, but he is much less itchy right now so I am feeling encouraged!

My business has some stuff coming up in the next couple of weeks, and I need to keep checking items off the to do lists for that. I got a lot of this done, but not all of it. I feel really good about where I am at on this to do list, though!

This Week's Wishes

See Wicked with Michael. I am SO excited about this one. It's been forever since I've seen this amazing musical, and Michael never has, so I'm really excited for this date night. (I already know what I'm going to wear!)

Finish the dress I am making. I'm participating in this wonderful vintage sew along next month, but I'm altering a modern pattern to suit my purposed. I've figured out most of the problems and am assembling a version of it to see if I think it will actually work like I want it to before I cut into my cute vintage reproduction fabric.

Finish my letter to my sister.

Tackle more of our spring cleaning. (I'm seriously addicted right now.)

Work on a project involving tulle for one of my brides. Shoot of some emails to some vendors. Pull together some decor for a shower I'm hosting for a friend of mine getting married soon. Help another bride research vendors and potential bridesmaid dresses.

Arrange coffee dates with a couple friends and enjoy a phone date I have with another.

There is a lot more going on this week, but this is all I feel like putting down for fear of overwhelming both you and me. I'm really enjoying my Wunderlist app right now. It syncs between both my computer and my phone, and once an item is checked off it disappears completely (unless you don't want it to.) It keeps me on track and feeling very accomplished each time I check something off and it disappears completely from view. I also love that I can easily share my to do lists with Michael so that we can stay on the same page.

What are you hoping to conquer this week?



  1. good job on last weeks goals, hope you have a great week! i love that you write letters to your sister, i really need to start writing more letters!

  2. Can't wait to see how your sewing piece comes together. I am in need of a deep spring cleaning but I just haven't had the time yet to do it.

  3. Have a great time at Wicked! I've always wanted to see that musical. :) Great job on your goals last week and good luck this week!

  4. Great job with last weeks goals. This week you will knock them all out! :)


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