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Monday, March 17, 2014

Weekly Wishes #7

This is a photo from several weeks ago when it snowed. Max was less than thrilled with his outdoor adventure, as you can see.
This week was a great one! I worked on a ton of projects and enjoyed some really wonderful times with friends. One of my besties got engaged (ahhh!!) and Michael & I went to see the Lego Movie (much more fun than I was expecting!) with his family. I love weeks where I feel like I've mastered the balance between productivity and relaxation. Now to keep that momentum going!

Last Week's Wishes

Finish several huge home organization projects.  I didn't get ALL of them completed, but I made huge headway and conquered some projects I wasn't expecting. I'm loving spring cleaning!

With all of the sorting and organizing recently, I have found a lot of stuff that I need to take to the thrift store. I tend to just wait until I have everything completely gathered, but I'd like to go ahead and get this pile out of our house so that I have room to make another pile.  The pile is gone! It felt so good to drop it off.

Dog sit for a friend.  Done!

Get together with a friend to help with her wedding, plan a bachlorette party & a lingerie shower with a fellow bridesmaid, and get coffee with another friend. I didn't end up getting coffee with my friend because she wasn't feeling well, but helping my friend with her wedding was really enjoyable. It's going to be a lovely day! I'm also LOVING the directions we're thinking of for her bachelorette and lingerie shower!

Meet with several vendors to network/get answers to important questions for a bride of mine. Made definite progress on this one. I'm still looking for the complete solution, though.

Watch a couple of the documentaries on my "to watch" list while working on some fun projects.  I found the documentary "Game Over" really interesting.

Continue Michael & my new exercise habit. (We've been jogging consistently for the past  3 weeks. It feels great to get moving since my jobs require me to do so much sitting!) I'm so proud of us for actually sticking with this one!

This Week's Wishes

Edit all of the photos that I took this week. (I have lots and lots of project photos sitting on my camera.)

Send off another letter to my sister.

Celebrate Michael's birthday.

Get together with one of my brides and check more things off of her wedding to do list.

Find a way to seal our windows to prevent the fleas that love the woods behind our apartment from squeezing through the cracks. Max is TERRIBLY allergic to them and looses his fur from how bad a single bite will make him itch. We're doing everything the vet has told us to do, but it's not enough so far. It makes me super sad to see him struggle and to see all of his little bald patches. He's not as badly off as he was in December, but I need to find ways to combat this better.

My business has some stuff coming up in the next couple of weeks, and I need to keep checking items off the to do lists for that.

I think that sums up the tangible points. haha. I do a ton every week, so my weekly wishes are always summaries of the tangible, the exciting, or the extra to dos for my week.

What are you hoping to conquer this week?


P.S. I've already started the photo editing process and have come out of my blogging funk that I talked about on Friday, so you will be seeing a lot more of me this week!


  1. I have a ton of photos I need to edit too. I took bridal portraits this weekend and am looking forward to working on them. Good luck with your goals this week.

  2. Awesome job last week. Good luck this week. I need to get some photos edited also!

  3. I love that you set weekly goals! I'm struggling with just trying to do 3 monthly goals, but maybe breaking them down into smaller goals each week would help me get started on some of the bigger ones! Thank you for being an inspiration!

  4. Awesome job tackling all your wishes for the week!

  5. Ugh I hate fleas! Hopefully you can tackle this problem soon! I think it's awesome that you did a lot of things last week! I adore your being productive! Good luck on your goals this week

  6. Great job with your goals last week! And poor Max. Hopefully sealing the windows will help with that. Good luck with your goals this week! I'm looking forward to seeing what posts you have in store. :)


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