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Monday, March 10, 2014

Weekly Wishes #6

Whew guys, it has been busy recently. The beginning of March was crazy with projects for brides and working on some huge projects around the house with Michael. All of that, plus our jobs, left me rather exhausted. However, sunshine is beginning to peak through and I am not completely freezing every time I leave the house which is SO incredibly exciting. I am ready for shorts and sunbathing and all of my cute sundresses. In the meanwhile, I have a break from my day job this week so I have lots of productive plans.

This Week's Wishes

Finish several huge home organization projects.

With all of the sorting and organizing recently, I have found a lot of stuff that I need to take to the thrift store. I tend to just wait until I have everything completely gathered, but I'd like to go ahead and get this pile out of our house so that I have room to make another pile.

Dog sit for a friend.

Get together with a friend to help with her wedding, plan a bachlorette party & a lingerie shower with a fellow bridesmaid, and get coffee with another friend.

Meet with several vendors to network/get answers to important questions for a bride of mine.

Watch a couple of the documentaries on my "to watch" list while working on some fun projects.

Continue Michael & my new exercise habit. (We've been jogging consistently for the past  3 weeks. It feels great to get moving since my jobs require me to do so much sitting!)

What will all of you be doing this week?

Also, for my fellow bloggers out there, what inspires you to join a link up? Is is the topic? Convenience? Ease of guidelines? Thanks for your input!



  1. Hello from another Weekly Wisher! Doesn't organizing and purging stuff feel awesome? I tend to always gather up a little pile too and then just take everything to the thrift store all at once. Doing wedding planning sounds like fun.. I've heard it's stressful. I'm going to be planning my own wedding soon, so I guess I'll find out soon enough as to what it's like. Good luck on all of your goals! I'm sure you knock each one of them out. :)

  2. Good luck this week. You can do it! I love organizing and purging!

  3. Good luck with things this week. I found you thru a twitter tweet. I was hooked right when I came over b/c of your blog name. I'm a sucker for Owls. My passion is the love for owls. Notice my blog :D

    Those are nice things to know. esp the about me. I rarely look at people's buttons at the top. and just read the blog and i'm hooked. I wish I knew how to do the buttons and I'd add about me's and all. I use to have all that but the friend that did my blog a year ago or so doesnt' have time anymore. need to ask my other friend. maybe she could help me.

    I'm following you GFC. I'm Laney from Night Owl Venting. would love for you to come check me out and follow me back (maybe)


  4. Good luck with everything this week! Have fun dog sitting. :)

    To answer your question about link ups, I'm usually drawn to a topic and level of participation, especially if the link up has been around for awhile.

  5. Dog sitting should be fun! I usually join linkups if they are in line with what I already blog about. If it is a one time link-up generally it would depend on the topic. If I have to follow a ton of people just to link-up I would tend to pass.

  6. i just finished organizing my closet. that was a big challenge for me since it's been five years in the making and i just got sick of it all and did it!

    Vodka and Soda

  7. Girl- I am doing some cleaning too! I went through my clothes and got rid of so much!


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