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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Weekly Wishes #5

Hey guys! I think I finally know what it's like to hit a blogging funk. I've been distracted and working on a bunch of projects this past week, and when it came to sitting down and blogging my brain was like, "I'd rather take a nap." I think my body knew that I would be up until 3 or 4 Friday and Saturday night this past weekend. It was an awesome weekend, full of laughter, good conversations with friends I don't get to see often, a photo shoot, and a venue visitation, but it was still tiring. My heart is full but my body has words for me. haha. I don't want to perpetuate this funk, however, so I'm doing my best to push through and finish this month stronger than I was in the middle.

Last Week's Wishes

I failed for the most part this past week. Since I work 30+ hours a week, run my wedding business, and blog, a lot of things ride on my weekends being productive. This weekend was productive for my soul, but not for my to do list. Michael & I still need the last couple items for the wedding in May (he needs suspenders and I need shoes), I semi-got back on top of my email, and I only managed to determine what posts would go live through the end of this month - writing them is something I'm buckling down to do tonight.

I did manage to keep going through some of our stuff, send my sister a letter, and finish Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore. You can check my Instagram for my six word review, and check back Friday for my full thoughts on it and the other books I read this month.

This Week's Wishes

This week I want to put the finishing touches on all the remaining items on my monthly wishes list. All of the are in various states of completion currently.
Finalize details in regards to several styled shoots I'm involved in.Work on back end stuff for Paper Swallow Events.
Have posts scheduled at least one week ahead of time all month long. (I don't think this one is going to happen no matter what at this point. We shall try again in March!)
Buy the last few outfit pieces Michael & I need for a wedding we are in this May.
Finalize all the details for our March mini vacation. (Wicked the Musical is happening, peeps!)
Get back on track with a Paper Swallow Events project I was hoping to launch this week but that got pushed back due to my inability to do anything.
Get back on top of and STAY on top of all emails like I was doing so well at until this past week.
Keep organizing and purging our stuff.
Find time to giggle and just be with Michael.
Keep writing my beautiful sister while she is in France.
Finish both of my books for this month (The Fault in Our Stars and Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore - both are so good. TFiOS is definitely going to make me cry, though. For sure.)
Do more cooking ahead and freezing - less time spent in the kitchen in the long run, more healthy meal options at our fingertips.
Go to coffee (tea for me) with more people.
Invest more time in working on skills I'm developing - and be okay with the imperfections that happen along the way.

I tried oil pulling this past week. It seemed to really help a headache I was coming down with. Have any of you tried it? What have been your results?



  1. There's nothing wrong with not finishing a to do list, especially if you spent your time feeding your soul! Everybody needs to have weekends like that every so often. Good luck with the rest of your wishes, I'm trying to finish mine for the month too!

  2. Good luck with your goals this week! I won't be finishing all of my goals for the month either, but I'm incredibly happy with what I did accomplish.

  3. Hey, weekends have to be good for your soul sometimes. It can't all be work work work, even when the work is a fun passion! I also struggle to get posts scheduled in advance...I think part of it is that I really enjoy writing and the instant gratification of being able to publish shortly thereafter and hear people's feedback, respond to questions, etc. When I schedule them in advance, I have to wait! :-P

  4. Even the best bloggers get in funks. I had one already and am still a newish blogger, but I found by diving back into it headfirst, I felt reinvigorated. Plus I made lots of lists to make all aspects of my life seem more doable.
    I haven't tried oil pulling yet, but I really want to! What kind of oil did you use?

  5. I totally got in a blogging rut this past January and received some wonderful advice: "don't force it and read lots of other blogs...you'll eventually be inspired." It worked and now I'm back up to speed...although I would love to have multiple blog posts planned in advance (just like you!) So happy I stumbled across your blog and Instagram. Super adorable and inspiring! Have a wonderful week :)

  6. Looks like you got a lot of other things done. All you an do it try your best. Some months are busier than others.


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