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Monday, February 3, 2014

Weekly Wishes #3

Photo from our honeymoon in Charleston - the beach air and relaxing vibe would be terrific right now!
Well, it's a little later than I normally post but I've had quite the past week. I started getting sick last Tuesday and just have not fully recovered since then. Wednesday & Thursday I was basically bedridden, with very little activity Friday-Sunday. Even today all I managed to do was go to work and that completely wiped me. I'm probably crawling back in to bed once I'm done writing this.

Last Week's Wishes

What with getting sick, I pretty much failed. I DID manage to finish my January book and pick my book(s) for February. Michael, being the awesome husband that he is, also made huge progress on planning our weekend getaway in March.
I also used my cognitive hours to complete my first knitting project. (This was not a weekly wish, but one of my goals for the year.) It took me so long. haha. I crocheted a very similar item in about an hour - it took me multiple hours to make the knitted version. I still have a long ways to go before I'm comfortable with my knitting needles! haha.

This Month's Wishes

Finalize details in regards to several styled shoots I'm involved in. (SO exciting!)
Work on back end stuff for Paper Swallow Events.
Have posts scheduled at least one week ahead of time all month long.
Buy the last few outfit pieces Michael & I need for a wedding we are in this May.
Finalize all the details for our March mini vacation. (Wicked the Musical is happening, peeps!)
Get back on track with a Paper Swallow Events project I was hoping to launch this week but that got pushed back due to my inability to do anything.
Get back on top of and STAY on top of all emails like I was doing so well at until this past week.
Keep organizing and purging our stuff.
Find time to giggle and just be with Michael.
Keep writing my beautiful sister while she is in France.
Finish both of my books for this month (The Fault in Our Stars and Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore - both are so good. TFiOS is definitely going to make me cry, though. For sure.)
Do more cooking ahead and freezing - less time spent in the kitchen in the long run, more healthy meal options at our fingertips.
Go to coffee (tea for me) with more people.
Invest more time in working on skills I'm developing - and be okay with the imperfections that happen along the way.

I'm refusing to divide any of that up in to specific weeks quite yet because my main goal this week is to get better - not to keep myself sick by pushing myself back over the brink.

What about you? Do you have any big goals for this month?


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  1. I hope you get better soon! While you're still not at peak you can work on those books - I loved TFiOS, and it definitely will make you cry! Hope you have a great February and good luck on your goals!

  2. Feel better soon! Your goals are really inspiring because it seems like you really live a life you love, especially what you do for a living. I think its wonderful working on skills and accepting imperfections. That is definitely something that is hard to do. Accept imperfections! Wow, mind blowing. Good luck with everything this month!

    1. Aw, thanks so much! I do really love my business and it's encouraging when other people can see that. Thank you so much for stopping by! Good luck with your goals for this month!

  3. I love 'find time to giggle'! It's so important to spend some time just letting loose, enjoying life, and laughing over anything at all. Good luck with this and your other goals Stacia!

    1. Thank you so much! Good luck with your goals, too!

  4. Hope you recover soon! I guess it's that time of year. I think I keep getting worse because I keep going out when I should lay in bed all day. Hopefully, we can both get better so we can get some of these goals accomplished. Good luck on your goals this month! :)

    1. Yeah. I think that's part of my problem to. Here's to feeling better so we can tackle this month!

  5. Sorry you have been sick! Your goals are really great and I have a few of them on my list. The purging, posts scheduled and staying on top of emails are on my list too.

  6. Hi Stacia! I'm sorry to hear that you weren't well! I hope you feel better soon! I hate being bed-ridden with illness. The first day or so it's kind of nice to have a break (even if you feel like death) but then it gets old real quick. Hope you're up and around soon! Good luck with all your goals and I know this is cross-commenting on posts but I have to take a listen to your playlist! I love finding new artists and your list seems to be super-full of them!

    Hope you have a great night and feel better soon!

    1. Hi Colleen! Thanks. I'm slowly getting better, just trying to catch up on life now, but also trying not to push myself too hard so I relapse. It's harder than it should be! I hope you like the playlist, I'd love to know what you think after you listen to it!! Thank you so much for stopping by!


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