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Monday, January 20, 2014

Weekly Wishes #1

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I have loved following Melyssa over at The Nectar Collective's weekly wishes for a while now. I like the mix of big and small goals that she shares along with the mix of fun and business goals that she shares. With the start of 2014, she has begun to share a broad monthly overview of goals. This addition appealed to my loves of organization, working ahead, and lists. Thus, I have decided to try participating in earnest this year.

My Wishes
Finish my amazing, awesome, and incredibly extensive diy planner for the year. (One little planner just wasn't cutting it, so I did a TON of research online and finally found a system that I think is going to change my life and keep my stress levels down. I'll show you all when I finish. You all might die at how extensive it is - but I ADORE it.)

Complete the inspiration board for a project in the works, start searching for awesome collab partners, and prepare a proposal email to send to them. (I think this one is pretty self-explanatory.)

Preschedule all posts through the end of this month. (I FINALLY found an editorial calendar system that will work for me. And I actually know what I want to post/have the material! Now to put it to it's full use.)

Finish our easy house cleaning system chart. (So we can fully put it to use!)

Start the process of going through and organizing/purging some of our stuff in different areas that tend to build up. (Like clothes, I have too many clothes...)

What are your wishes this week?


The Nectar Collective


  1. those are some amazing goals!! Good luck doing it all!

  2. Wow, you are super organized. That's amazing. Best wishes with your goals.

  3. Those are awesome wishes and looks like you found some great systems that will work for you. I am working on purging as well this year.

  4. "finally found a system that I think is going to change my life"

    My curiosity is officially piqued!

    What kind of collaborators are you looking to team up with?

  5. Welcome on board. I started in October and I keep coming back. These weekly wishes have become my favourite part of Mondays (at least something good about that day).

    You got me super intrigued about your editorial schedule system, I've been trying to work something, but it just doesn't help. If you ever want to share it with us, that would be so great!

    And you sound super organised :-) Spring cleaning my closet is one of my goals too this week, like you I have way too much stuff!

    Have a great week!

    Love from Belgium,


  6. Great goals! I wish I was so organized! Stopping by to say hi from SITS.

  7. Wow! Scheduling that many posts sure seems like a lot of work! I should try to get ahead on mine again too-- good for you, girl!

  8. Hi Stacia, Ya! I need to get more organized in my house. We have just started going through things and are also starting on two big house projects. It's hard when your always pulling out projects to work on too, lol. Stopping by from sits. Theresa @DearCreatives

  9. Great goals! It looks like you have a busy week ahead. I'm working on sticking to a cleaning schedule, too. I found an editorial calendar system that actually works for me this month, too, and it's made blogging regularly so much easier now that I can draft posts ahead of time. Good luck this week!

  10. These goals all sound fantastic. Totally achievable too. I need to get with the editorial bandwagon and get myself and my blog organized. Like, for real! LOL!

    Stopping by from The Sits Girls. It's so awesome to have found you. I love your blog already!


  11. I'm SO excited to see the extensive planner system!

  12. I am such a planner nerd, can't wait to see your design!


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