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Friday, January 3, 2014

Traveling with My Wedding Dress

Photo Copyright Sarah Becker Photography
Michael & I are heading back from California today. I'm looking forward to telling you all about our trip later, once the photos are downloaded and I have time to sit and write without feeling guilty that I'm neglecting my family! However, as I prepare to travel at this time of year, I can't help remember how last time this year I was returning to Tennessee with my wedding dress in tow.

If you have never had the extreme joy of traveling with your wedding dress, let me tell you, it is a treat. haha. Especially with one like mine. Mine was huge (see photo above). 11 layers of tulle, to be precise.

I think I can safely say I got more attention and strange glances on that trip than any other trip I've taken in my life. It was terrifying and thrilling. Thrilling because I had found the dress and loved it to pieces and couldn't wait to get it back to TN and show it to one of my bridesmaids who was graciously going to keep it in her closet away from my cat and inquiring eyes. Terrifying, because it was the dress. Mom and I had carefully wrapped the dress up in plastic trash bags to waterproof it (in case someone happened to knock into me and spill their drink or something equally terrible) before putting it back in the lovely white dress bag from David's Bridal.

Going through security I was so scared that they weren't going to let it go through, or that it wouldn't fit, or that I would have to undo all of the careful wrapping my mom and I had done. Thankfully, the airport personel were all very helpful, even if I did get crazy looks. The first flight hung it up in first class for me with many smiles and congratulations.

During my layover, I explained to so many curious people what I was doing, that we weren't married yet, and why I was carrying it around. I usually wander the airport while waiting for my flights, but my arm was about to fall off this time, so I found a comfy perch at my gate.

My second flight was a smaller plane, and the man at the gate didn't quite know what to do with me. I was fretting all the way up until my flight that he was going to make me put it under the plane. If he had said that I was fully prepared to be like, "well then hold the plane because I'm going in to the bathroom and putting this thing on, and trust me, you don't want it out of the bag - it just gets bigger from here." Thankfully the female stewardess was a dear and put her bag under the plane so that my dress could fit in the small closet where she was supposed to keep it. (Thank you so, SO much again, you wonderful person!)

I was super thankful upon my arrival that Michael had come inside to pick me up and was able to help me grab my bag off the conveyor belt (he even had Maximus waiting for me in the car knowing that I would be eager to see both of them.) I was also super thankful to finally get the dress to its new home until I took it to get alterations done.

It was an adventure - and not one I'm likely to forget - but I'm also thankful this year that I no longer need to travel with a wedding dress. I also send many best wishes and prayers for good experiences for all other brides trying to do the same thing.

Have you ever traveled with your wedding dress? What's the most obscure thing you've ever traveled with?



  1. Look at all that tulle! That would be crazy to travel with, I think it's so awesome how many people helped you out. What a great stewardess on that last flight!!

  2. Oh my goodness that sounds like such a feat!

  3. That's crazy! I've never traveled with my wedding dress. Sounds like quite the experience. Btw, that picture of you is stunning!

  4. You dress was beautiful. That must have been stressful but luckily it made its way home safe and sound!

  5. haha, that does not sound fun - but you look absolutely gorgeous in it! Definitely worth it in the end :)

  6. I've had to travel with bridesmaid dresses before, but definitely not a dress that poofy! It's gorgeous and I'm so glad it made it through your travels without incident!

    1. Thank you! I definitely owe it to my mom's help with careful packing!


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