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Friday, January 10, 2014

Photography Friday Blog Hop!

Welcome to the Photography Friday Blog hop! This is a blog linkup that focuses on Photography, at any skill level or experience. Each week we want to encourage you to get out and take some photos! It doesn't matter what Camera you have - an iPhone, a DSLR, a film camera, an instax - Just get out and press that shutter! Blog about your photographic awesomeness and link up here to share it every friday. If you'd like feedback on something, leave a comment asking what you'd like to know and your host will be happy to provide you with some.

I'm thrilled to be a co-host of this great blog hop this week. When thinking about what to share, I thought it would be fun to share the Christmas photos Michael & I took this year. It was definitely a team effort to get Maximus to sit still in the lights long enough to get some good photos - but I think we managed to capture his personality. It was funny because I'd thought that he would be excited by the lights and get himself even more tangled in them, but he kept wanting to slither out and crawl into my lap. Poor baby was overwhelmed. haha. We took these photos in our living room and turned off all the lights except for the Christmas lights and a lamp similar to this which we covered with white trash bags to help diffuse the light. It was a fun experiment in lighting for me, and they make for some fun memories!

Each week we will choose a new Photographer to be featured! To be considered for next week, please link up your photography post below and make sure you are following your hosts & co-hosts. These two things will qualify you for being a featured photographer!

Marissa is a fellow film photographer, but she actually develops her own film....which is actually amazing. I adore her photography, and especially the shots of her adorable dog! Please take a moment to check out her blog - you won't be disappointed!

001. Please follow your host/co-hosts and featured photographer!

002. Link up your blog post instead of your main blog URL.

003. Please link back to this link-up in your post, either with a text link or a button. The more people who link up each week means more people see your work, so please help us out any way you can :)

004. Visit and check out as many blogs as you can! Leave comments and love. This link-up is about community, so make some friends!

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  1. Oh my gosh these are AMAZING! awwww your little cat is such a good sport! I love that last one, so perfect.

    1. also, ps: LOVE that wallpaper. So awesome!

  2. I wanted to get a picture of our cats in christmas lights too, but they don't like to sit where you tell them, or have you put lights near them apparently. It sadly wasn't meant to be. These are really cute!

  3. I love him wrapped in all the lights! Hawkeye wouldn't sit still for one single second, otherwise I would totally attempt a photo like that.

  4. I love Maximus in the lights! Too cute! Pets can be so tricky to photograph so great job!

  5. These are great! I'm impressed that you got your cat to sit long enough to take the pictures!


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