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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

DIY Freezer Paper Tote Bag

For Christmas this past year, Michael and I diy-ed everything. It was an undertaking, but it was fun to work together to produce personalized gifts. I know there are years when we won't be able to do this, but right now I am thankful that we can and enjoying the time we spend together creating things. A couple of the gifts we made this year were some tote bags for Michael's sisters.

I sewed the totes, Michael created the stencils on the freezer paper, and then we ironed the stencils down and painted. It was surprisingly easy and we really liked how they came out! (I only got a picture of one tote bag, unfortunately. The other is the same design but says "Allons-y" for our Doctor Who appreciating sister.)

How do you handle diying gifts? What are some of your favorite or go-to diy gifts?


P.S. Fabric Details: the exterior is a purple duck cloth, and the interior is a very heavy cotton.


  1. Adorable bag! I don't watch Dr. Who, but think an Allons-y bag would be something I would love to have. It's so great that you can stencil in the perfect phrase for whomever you're making the bag for.


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