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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

4 Simple Goals Recap

Way back at the beginning of December I shared my 4 simple goals for the holiday season. Now that Michael & I are back at home and feeling a bit more rested, I figured that I should wrap up loose ends from December so that I can jump full force in to 2014. I've been planning and thinking a lot recently about this blog and my wedding planning business, but those things will need to stay in the dark for just a little bit longer.

To start closing out 2013, here is how I did with my 4 simple goals.

1. I (well, technically Michael) dip dyed the bottom of my hair pink. It looked super cool! (Photos will come later.) Since we used a temporary rinse, most of the color is gone now, which is perfect since work starts up for me next week. It was fun to do something different during the holidays, but to now be back to mostly professional for work. Just the type of hair changes I like!

2. I did surprisingly well with this one. Michael & I took some posed photos, but I at least have phone photos for most of the other moments. I'm really thankful for these and wanting to do something with them while I still remember what was going on at the time. Any ideas outside of full blown scrap booking? (As much as I would love to, I just don't have time.)

3. This is what I did the worst with. I changed some things up, but I mostly stuck inside my winter box. I think I need a better goal to shoot for when I want to try different styles next time.

4. Michael & I made GF lasagna with zucchini for Christmas. Next time I think I will either cut the zucchini a tad slimmer or cook it a little before putting it in the pan, but it turned out really good! I was really pleased and will definitely be making it again. I also want to try this recipe which uses butternut squash as a pasta substitute instead of the zucchini.

As I work on taking this blog in the direction I want it to go in 2014, I think I am going to let my monthly goal lists rest for a little bit. I feel like they occasionally get in the way of my editorial calendar and I want to start this year with an open range full of possibilities. They may come back after a little while, though. We shall see.

What are some things you are changing and growing in 2014?



  1. You did really well on meeting your goals. Glad the zucchini lasagna came out okay. I am still working on my goal list for the year but I have broad areas I want to work on.

  2. I love #3, I need to do that too! Happy new year!

  3. I'm trying to focus on loving my husband in HIS love language more often. <3 I loved this post and love reading about other people's goals!


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