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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

National Roof Over Your Head Day

After the past couple days of recaps and such, I thought it was high time this blog get in to true Christmas spirit. Don't you think so?!

I thought it would be fun to start December off by sharing some of the more random holidays that also occur in December. These used to be the bomb-diggity growing up, and I find myself forgetting about them too often as I grow older. I did research around the web and then picked an assortment of my favorites. I included December first, even though it has passed. Maybe this way I'll remember about it next year! (Probably not.)

December 1st - Eat a Red Apple Day (This one sounds like it wouldn't throw off my whole holiday prep list if I participated in it.)
December 3rd - National Roof Over Your Head Day
December 4th - Wear Brown Shoes Day
December 5th - Bathtub Party Day (This one concerns me...)
December 6th - Put On Your Own Shoes Day (I thought this was every day...)
December 7th - Letter Writing Day (I LOVE the sound of this day!)
December 9th - Christmas Card Day (For everyone who is doing Christmas cards and hasn't gotten them finished/sent out yet, maybe this would be a good day for you.)
December 12th - National Ding-a-Ling Day
December 13th - Ice Cream Day & Violin Day (Both of these sound great to me!)
December 16th - National Chocolate Covered Anything Day (This sounds fantastic!)
December 19th - Look for an Evergreen Day
December 21st - Humbug Day & Look on the Bright Side Day (Does this strike anyone else as ironic? I would love to see someone who could flawlessly pull off both of these all day!)
December 24th - Christmas Eve, National Chocolate Day & National Egg Nog Day (Sounds like a perfect day to me!)
December 27th - Make Cut Out Snowflakes Day (Did anyone else think this was the best as a child?!)
December 31st - New Year's Eve & Make Up Your Mind Day (I guess because of all the New Year's resolutions people are about to make.)

Does your family have any special holidays they celebrate during December besides Christmas? What about fun annual traditions? I would love to hear about them!



  1. I am totally wearing brown shoes today!! Woohoo! National Ding-A-Ling Day??? Do I even dare ask?! I am always baffled when people post about it being .... Day. Where do they find out about them?

  2. Hahaha, Happy Bathtub Party day! I will celebrate by *not* celebrating this one. :)


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