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Friday, August 2, 2013

Thrift Store Gem - Lazy Susan

I have not mentioned this much on the blog yet, but I LOVE thrift stores. I never know what I am going to discover when I go in, which makes it a constant adventure. The satisfaction of bringing home something I adore for a very inexpensive price is one of my favorite feelings. When Michael and I got married we moved within walking distance of my very favorite thrift store, which delighted me beyond words. I have a route through the store now and it's much easier to pop in, take a peek, and leave even if I don't find anything. I'm also learning when they restock, which is one of the keys to thrifting and finding gems.

Thrifting was something my mom, sister and I did a lot together while I was growing up, and I have lots of fond memories of our times together. (Also of us all dying over the same items, but that grew easier as my sister and I grew up and the three of us honed our interests.) More recently I have some great memories of going to thrift stores with my mom looking for items to decorate my vintage, DIY, barn wedding. Because of all these fond memories I thought it would be fun to start sharing with all of you some of my favorite thrift store finds and some of the more unconventional uses I have for some of them. Today's topic is...

While shopping with my mom for items for the wedding, she found this gorgeous piece of vintage pottery that is actually part of a vintage Lazy Susan. This lovely piece ended up being part of her wedding present to Michael and me. I knew immediately that it would be a great piece to put on the bathroom counter and store all of my hair things in them so that they are easily accessible. It works so well! I don't have to dig into the bottom of a bag to find my hair clips, which can be especially difficult when I've finally got my hair exactly where I want it, but can't find a clip.

I clearly have too many clippies. 

That melted felt flower is a hair pin that I made with my mom on a different occasion. The compact was in the bridal touch up kit my mom put together for me on my wedding day. 
Maximus, of course, had to accompany me into the bathroom to photograph the Lazy Susan. He loves drinking out of the faucet in the bathroom. (I don't spoil him at all...okay, maybe a little...okay, okay, a lot!)

adore my Lazy Susan pottery piece and am so thankful that my mom gifted it to me. Hopefully this will inspire all of you to find less conventional uses for pieces of pottery that you love!

Stacia, the Homey Owl

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