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Friday, August 9, 2013

Evening Adventures: Chattanoogan Bookstore

I love exploring the cities and areas around our home and finding wonderful new nooks and crannies that turn into gems. Michael and I found ourselves in Chattanooga the other night to run some necessary errands close to the city. Since we had come all the way down, it seemed like a waste to just head home when our errand were done around 4:30pm, so we just turned it in to a date night. (Any excuse is a good excuse for a date night!) We parked downtown and decided to just wander before going to dinner; we love walking and talking together. 

During our wandering we passed by a store window that had all sorts of colorful yarn in it. This immediately grabbed my attention and I started to snap a picture - that was when I realized that the colorful yarn was in the window of a bookstore. Michael and I both love bookstores and found ourselves drawn inside.
Inside we were confronted with the most other-worldly, messy, yet enchanting bookstore ever. I could not help but document the experience in pictures because it was so very intriguing!
 The owner sold a little of what seemed like everything. There were books on one side, yarn on another, and (as you can see from the picture bellow) even more random items on another. It was like a big mystery box ready to unwrap - you never knew what shifting an item or turning a corner might bring.

I think what intrigued me the most was how messy parts of the store were. There were papers on the floor, boxes in the back corner, and a whole section of the store that I was worried about entering.
The books drew us in, though. Some were simply gorgeous older editions, while others were much newer. It made me smile to see how the old books that would probably have been stored behind glass in other more uppity book stores were available for touching and reading.

Michael loved being able to page through a more unique selection of books than you could find at a normal bookstore.
 I loved how even the signs showed a hap-hazard element like the rest of the store.

 I was also quite thrilled and at home when I found all the vintage craft and sewing books she had.

 Michael loved all the artists' biographies and the art books he unearthed.
There was very little consistency even to the way things were shelved. On one shelf they would be at home like normal, but the one above or below would have its own way of being organized. This enchanted me because it was probably due to a few customers putting books back incorrectly and, over time, no one bothered to fix the odd arrangement, they just adapted to it.

These colorful threads were all over the shelves in the very back - along with some amazing vintage fabrics. Seriously, some of the prints this woman had yardage of were stunning. I haven't seen prints like them - or of their quality in a while.

 The spines on all of these books were so beautiful!

It was so hard, but I managed to narrow my fabric loves down to only two of the prints she had. I am simply delighted with them and cannot wait to make something for our home! The graphics are just so stunning and make me smile every time I look at them! I would vote our bookstore date night a complete success. Michael and I both had a wonderful time together and the woman who ran the bookstore was so interesting and quirky - she almost locked us in because we disappeared into the back for a minute and she was ready to close. Now that would have been an even more interesting adventure! (But I am very glad it's not my adventure to tell.)

After we left the bookstore we went to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants - Genghis Grill. It was all together a marvelous and relaxing date night and quite the adventure, too. What areas in or around your hometown have you happened across unexpectedly?

Here's hoping we all have wonderful weekend adventures!
Stacia, the Homey Owl

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