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Monday, August 19, 2013

Afternoon Adventures: Winder Binder Gallery & Bookstore

I have been living in Southern Tennessee since my sophomore year of college (I transferred schools), but I never did a large amount of exploring. For one thing, in college my closest friends and I were so busy (and very few of them had cars), that we rarely chose to make a 45 minute trip to the nearest actual city. Secondly, because we were all so insanely busy our weekends were often our biggest (sometimes only) opportunity to get our homework done since the majority of us were performance majors (musical theater, vocal performance, theater, etc.) Rehearsals do not leave much time for homework or sleep (they were so worth it, though!) I think I averaged between 4-5 hours a night all throughout college, and I would desperately try to catch up on Saturday mornings.

I graduated and moved back to be close to friends who had not graduated yet and Michael, but I was working three jobs at the time, so life was still insane. Now that Michael and I are married, school is over for me, and our jobs have settled down, we are finding time, energy, and desire to actually explore the areas around us. Last week we decided to check out Winder Binder [Folk Art] Gallery and Bookstore.

My family and I love going to the Folk Art Museum in Los Angelos, California, so I was excited to discover that there is a place near by in TN that displays folk art. The funniest part was that, after parking and arriving, I realized that I had walked past this very place many times but was always too "mission focused" to notice what I was passing. I loved the variety of artists and types of folk art they displayed, as well as how colorful everything was. Even more fun, everything is for sale. How often can you have your pick of folk art, vinyl records or books all in one place?

Like the other Chattanoogan bookstore we visited last week, this one sold older books alongside newer ones (though this bookstore was much, much more organized.)

These four pieces were some of my favorites pieces of art in the gallery. I particularly loved the robot.

I made a new colorful friend - he was quite tall and his eyes looked like they were going to pop any moment. Worried we might contract some colorful, polka dot skin disease, we left him be after a quick photograph.

I enjoyed looking through their vinyl and the fact that they were actually playing vinyl record background music. 

After we left Winder Binder we decided to wander around Chatty for a bit. We took advantage of some street art for a few photo ops.

And we wandered across the walking bridge enjoying the sun and the look of the river.

At the opposite side of the walking bridge, is our very favorite ice cream place - The Ice Cream Show. They actually blend the items you want in to your ice cream - so much creamier and thoroughly mixed than a Cold Stone or Marble Slab. Our favorite combinations are the ones involving fruit - this time we got peach and black cherry. YUMMY! It was the perfect cool summer snack to eat while walking back across the bridge to our car.

We greatly enjoyed our day in Chattanooga, and are loving getting to know more of the places around us. Let me know if you go by either of these places and what your experiences were like! What are some of your must see places in Tennessee?

Stacia, the Homey Owl

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